Vapor Control System – Bells Run

Exemptions – Bells Run

Exemption Request Type  Date of Request Date of USCG Approval Expiration Date Documentation 
Liquid Seal  09/04/14  10/06/14 None Request


Detonation Arrestor and Gas Injection Location 09/08/14 10/03/14 None Request


Equipment Requirements – Bells Run

Component Last Test Date Next Test Date Frequency Requirement Documentation
Vapor Line Test 08/09/23 08/09/24 Annually 33 CFR 156.170 (g)(1) PDF
Pressure or Vacuum Relief Valve; Pressure Sensor; Remote Operating or Indicating Devises 07/28/93 07/28/24 Annually 33 CFR 156.170 (g)(1)(2) PDF
Detonation Arrester 07/28/23 07/28/24 Annually 33 CFR 156.170 (g)(3) PDF
Oxygen Analyzer Each Transfer Each Transfer Annually 33 CFR 156.170 (g)(4) Refer to DOI Packets
System Loop Test 09/23 09/24 Annually PDF

General Records – Bells Run

Type of Record Effective Date Requirement Documentation
Vapor Repair Log No repairs within the last three years 33 CFR 154.740 (g) N/A
Vapor Control System Automatic Shutdown Log No automatic shutdowns within the last three years 33 CFR 154.740 (g) N/A
VCS Certification Letter/Warner Nicholson Engineering February 3, 2015 33 CFR 154.2020 PDF
Recertification Letter/Warner Nicholson Engineering February 5, 2020 33 CFR 154.2021 PDF
Manufacturer Composite Hose Tests  –  – PDF

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