Propane & Iso-Butane Repair Log

Repair Date Person Making Repairs Description
09/22/98 Blaine Petite Installed new propane loading arm.
04/16/01 Blaine Petite Repaired chicksan joints on propane swivel arm.
04/27/01 Blaine Petite Replaced propane pressure gauge.
08/23/04 Blaine Petite Replaced Iso-Butane Block Valve & Repaired Acutator.
06/15/06 Blaine Petite Replaced downstream propane loading arm pedistal and also moved upstream loading arm to downstream pedistal and blinded off piping to upstream spot “Bernuchaux Welding” performed all welding and work.
06/28/06 Blaine Petite Replaced 1 1/2″ flare valve on downstream propane loading line with new one and also replaced leaking PSV 1501-B with new valve.
11/14/06 Blaine Petite Moved large Propane loading arm (6″) back to upsteam spot & installed repaired small loading arm (4″) back on repaired downstream spot.
11/15/06 Blaine Petite Pressure tested small Propane loading arm (4″) & flanges & piping after block valve.
06/06/07 thru 07/21/07 Contractor Collision Repair of all chicksan joints / structure and cat walks / Propane & Gasoline Lines
09/19/07 Contractor Iso-Butane Line & Chicksans Installed
12/06/10 Chris White Pulled 4″ propane loading chicksan apart. Found bad O rings and replaced. Isolated and re-pressure tested.
01/06/11 George Savario Replaced manual block valve on 4″ propane loading line.
12/03/11 George Savario Modified piping and added valves to convert ISO Butane loading line to Crude Oil loading line.
12/21/12 Chris White Instatlled new siren and tested.
11/12/14 Thomas Pinell Installed New Warning Light and tested.
12/16/15 Willie Neusetzer Replaced Chicksan on Butane Line.
02/08/15 Thomas Pinell Installed New Actuator Valve on Butane Line.
02/10/15 Willie Neusetzer Replaced F-1 Filter on Butane Line.
05/16 Replaced Coriolis Meter on LHG Ship Loading system.
06/17 Re-purposed Loading Arm for LHG Service to allow Loading and Unloading Operations
07/04/18 Converted gasoline piping on dock 2 to PGP barge off-loading.
10/25/18 Moved PSV relief piping from flare platform on walkway.
06/11/20 Piping mods to allow dual ship loading on docks 2&4.
05/31/22 Added fuel gas piping to ship loading piping to clear hoses.
07/21/23 Repaired coms to PGP loading system.

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