Riverside Security DOS

Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

No part of this document may be disclosed to persons without a “need to know,” as defined in 49 CFR 1520.5. 


33 CFR 105.245(a) Each facility owner or operator must ensure procedures are established for requesting a DoS and for handling DoS requests from a vessel.

Date of DOS Vessel Name Documentation
02/03/21 MT Beykoz PDF
03/03/21 Kennington PDF
03/13/21 MT Beykoz PDF
03/24/21 Gas Flawless PDF
03/29/21 MT Epic Sula PDF
04/04/21 MT Beykoz PDF
04/08/21 MT Epic Susui PDF
04/11/21 Gas Flawless PDF
04/14/21 MT Eco Blizzard PDF
04/16/21 MT Epic Sula PDF
04/21/21 MT Beykoz PDF
05/01/21 MT Epic Sula PDF
05/07/21 Kennington PDF
05/13/21 MT Eco Blizzard PDF
05/15/21 MT Beykoz PDF
05/18/21 Gas Flawless PDF
06/14/21 Gas Flawless PDF
06/17/21 MT Epic Sula PDF
06/25/21 MT Beykoz PDF
06/28/21 Kennington PDF
07/16/21 Kennington PDF
07/21/21 Gas Flawless PDF
07/23/21-1 Ladybower PDF
07/23/21/2 Irene A PDF
08/08/21 Epic Sula PDF
08/18/21 Gas Flawless PDF
08/23/21 MT Beykoz PDF
08/25/21 Kennington PDF
09/14/21 Kennington PDF
09/16/21 Gas Flawless PDF
09/21/21 MT Beykoz PDF
09/26/21 Epic Sula PDF
09/27/21 Beylerbeyi PDF
09/29/21 Kennington PDF
10/01/21 Ladybower PDF
10/10/21 Gas Flawless PDF
10/11/21 Kennington PDF
10/13/21 MT Beykoz PDF
10/22/21 Gas Flawless PDF
10/24/21 Ladybower PDF
10/27/21 Epic Sula PDF
10/29/21 Kennington PDF
11/01/21 MT Beylerbeyi PDF
11/09/21 MT Beykoz PDF
11/11/21 Gas Flawless PDF
11/12/21 Penelope PDF
11/15/21 Epic Bali PDF
11/20/21 Kennington PDF
11/21/21 Ladybower PDF
11/24/21 MT Beykoz PDF
11/27/21 Gas Flawless PDF
12/06/21 Ladybower PDF
12/08/21 Kennington PDF
12/11/21 Penelope PDF
12/15/21 Epic Bali PDF
12/17/21 Pilargas PDF
12/18/21 MT Beykoz PDF
12/23/21 Pilargas PDF
01/01/22 Epic Bali PDF
01/02/22 Gas Flawless PDF
01/05/22 Pilargas PDF
01/10/22 Epic Balta PDF
01/13/22 Ladybower PDF
01/18/22 Gas Flawless PDF
01/23/22 MT Beykoz PDF
01/24/22 Epic Bali PDF
01/27/22 Ladybower PDF
02/01/22 MT Beylerbeyi PDF
02/04/22 Epic Sardinia PDF
02/08/22 MT Beykoz PDF
02/09/22 EPIC Bali PDF
02/13/22 Gas Flawless PDF



This document contains Sensitive Security Information (SSI) that is controlled under the provisions of the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002, 49 CFR parts 15 AND 1520.  No part of this document, in whole or in part, may be disclosed to any external third parties without a “need to know”, as defined in 49 CFR parts 15 and 1520, as determined by the Facility Security Officer or EnLink Midstream management, except with the written permission of the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard or the Secretary of Transportation.  Unauthorized release, disclosure, or distribution of any portion of this document may result in civil penalty or other disciplinary action.  For U.S. government agencies, public disclosure is go/verned by 5 U.S.C. 552 and 49 CFR parts 15 and 1520.

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