Vapor Control System Repair Log


Repair Date Description
03/11/10 Replaced level switch on seal pot
03/16/10 Replaced O2 cells
04/06/10 Replaced Thermocouple in stack
06/12/10 Replaced O2 cells
08/26/10 Replaced O2 cells
10/03/10 Replaced O2 cells
11/17/10 Replaced O2 cells
01/06/11 Replaced O2 Analyzers
03/01/11 Replaced level switch on seal pot.  Replaced cell on “A” O2 analyzer.
06/27/11 Replaced O2 Analyzers
06/28/11 Replaced pot card in AB PLC. Replaced solenoid valve on the fuel gas control valve.
09/10/11 Replaced O2 Cells
10/03/11 Replaced gas detection sensor
01/20/12 Replaced O2 cells
02/21/12 Replaced Alarm Siren
06/12/12 Replaced O2 Sensors
09/16/12 Replaced Fuel Gas Controler Valve and Solenoid
09/27/12 Replaced Detonation Arrerster
10/15/12 Replaced O2 Cells
11/28/12 Replaced O2 cells
12/10/12 Replaced O2 Cells
02/27/13 Replaced O2 cells
04/18/13 Replaced O2 cells
06/03/13 Replaced pilot gas SOV at Flare
06/21/13 Replace Fuel Gas Control Valve
06/28/13 Replaced O2 Cells
08/27/13 Replaced O2 Cells & Teledyne B1C Sensor
09/12/13 Replaced O2 Cells
10/10/13 Replaced O2 Cells
11/01/13 Replaced O2 Cells
12/19/13 Replaced O2 Cells
01/15/14 Replaced O2 cells
02/22/14 Replaced O2 Cells
03/17/14 Replaced O2 Cells
04/28/14 Replaced O2 Cells
06/19/14 Replaced O2 Cells
06/24/14 Replaced Flare Burner Controller
07/08/14 Replaced O2 Cells
08/12/14 Replaced O2 Cells
09/26/14 New Vapor Control System Operational
02/10/15 Changed out Detonation Arrestor G-1301 at Flare
08/12/15 Replaced Inlet Valve on old Flare Stack
05/17 Replaced 1734-IT2i Card in Flare PLC (Thermocouple Input)
07/17 Replaced Stack Temperature Thermocouples on Old Flare
11/17 Replaced 1734 OE4C Card in Flare PLC (Analog Output Card)
02/18 Replaced Arrestors
03/18 Replaced Flare Polit Ignitor
10/18 Replaced O2 Analyzer on Dock 2
06/19 Replaced Arrestors with New Screw Type Arrestors
12/19 Cleaned Arrestor Screens
03/20 Cleaned Arrestor Screens
06/20 Replaced O2 Analyzer on Dock 4
12/20 Cleaned Screens and Filters on Dock 2
02/21 Replaced Vapor Control Valve on Dock 2
10/06/22 Replaced O2 Filter on Dock 2
10/17/22 Cleaned All Screen’s on DA’s
10/31/22 Replaced Fire Eye on F-1178
12/27/22 Cleaned Screens on Flare DA’s
01/15/23 Replaced Wiring from Dock 2 PLC to the Flare PLC on Flare Platform

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