OPA-90 Oil Response Plans

1. Regulations & Policies

33 CFR 154 Response Plan Regulations for Oil Facilities

2. Vessel Response Plan Searches & Information


Vessel Response Plan Searches

Vessel Response Plan (VRP)/Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) Home Page

3. Product Characteristics


Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS)


National Preparedness For Response Exercise Program (PREP) Guidelines

5. Training Guide for Qualified Individuals, Spill Management Teams & Spill Response Personnel.

Training Reference for Oil Spill Response

6. Contingency Plans

Area Contingency Plan Index

National Contingency Plan
The National Contingency Plan as contained in 40 CFR 300.

National Response Team Publications
The National Response Team’s Integrated Contingency Plan Guidance and other NRT documents and presentations.

7. National Spill Reporting

National Response Center Home Page

8. Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSRO)

Guidelines for Classifying OSROs (updated January 06, 2000)

OSRO Classification by Company

OSRO Classification by Captain of the Port Zone

OSRO Resource Data  

Proposed Changes:  The following outline proposed changes to the U. S. Coast Guard OSRO Classification Program.

Proposed OSRO Guidelines

ERRATA Sheet for Table 2A in the Proposed OSRO Guidelines

Comparison between Current OSRO Program & Proposed Program

Frequently asked Questions Regarding OSRO Classification Program

OSRO Workshop Power Point Presentation


9. Contingency Planning Tools & Information

NOAA Aids for Chemical Accident Responders and Planners

NOAA Aids for Oil Spill Responders

The National Response Team

NOAA Weather
Current watches, warnings, conditions, hurricanes, tornadoes, NOAA Weather Radio, space weather. 

NOAA Ocean
Coral reefs, tides and currents, buoys, marine sanctuaries, estuaries, diving, oil and chemical spills. 

NOAA Satellites
Real-time imagery, environmental satellites, geostationary and polar satellites

NOAA Fisheries
Fish statistics and economics, seafood inspection, fishery market news, law enforcement. 

NOAA Climate
El Niño & La Niña, global warming, drought, climate prediction, environmental data, paleoclimatology. 

NOAA Research
Environmental labs, air quality, atmospheric processes, climate and human interactions.

NOAA Coasts
Coastal services and products, sustainable seas expedition, state of the coast, coastal zone management.

NOAA Charting & Navigation
Nautical and aeronautical charts, ocean mapping, safe navigation and transportation.


10. U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Phone Directories.


U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters

U. S. Coast Guard Districts & Local Marine Safety Offices

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